London 2015 Memorabilia

Available at the Europhilex London 2015 Shop on the “Village Green” just inside the main door


London 2015 will be the fifteenth international philatelic exhibition to be held in London and will mark the 125th anniversary of the first London international held at the Portman Rooms, Baker Street in May 1890.

London exhibitions have always been important for the philatelic community around the world. Material of the highest quality has been shown from the beginning and the organisers have always been innovative and all-embracing within the standards and outlook of their times. Indeed it is possible to chart the history of philately over the last 125 years by looking at how the London shows have developed.


There will be a range of London 2015 Memorabilia available at the show (and by request for those that  can not attend.) Some will be available for free and some for sale. Please note there will be limited editions of many items.

These include:

  • Magna Carta Sheet (Numbered)
  • Flag Sheet (Numbered)
  • Packs of Collectible Cards
  • Pin Badges
  • Sperati Prints (set of 4)
  • London2015 Catalogues
  • Show Bags

As 2015 will be a significant anniversary for London exhibitions, we decided to commemorate these shows, past and present, by issuing a set of 15 cards, one for each of the London shows up to 2015, and the last one for 2015 itself. The cards feature an interesting piece of memorabilia from each show on the front, and a picture of the exhibition medal with a brief description of the show and some advertising for LONDON 2015 on the rear.

The cards will advertise LONDON 2015 throughout the UK, Europe and the wider world in the run-up to the show, but they will also be an attractive souvenir and point of reference of past London exhibitions.

They will be issued progressively at philatelic events in the run up to May 2015. The first card, commemorating the 1890 exhibition, was distributed in August 2013 at THAILAND 2013 in Bangkok, and the second, which featured the 1897 Diamond Jubilee exhibition,was issued at Autumn Stampex in September 2013.

The programme for further issues is as follows:

Card No.ExhibitionTo be issued at
3London 1906Sindelfingen, October 2013
4Jubilee International 1912Brasiliana, November 2013
5London 1923Monte Carlo, December 2013
6APEX Air Post, 1934Spring Stampex, February 2014
7Stamp Centenary, 1940Essen, May 2014
8London 1950Salon du Timbre Paris, June 2014
9London 1960Philakorea, August 2014
10PHILYMPIA 1970BALTEX Malmš, August 2014
11LONDON 1980Autumn Stampex, September 2014
12Stamp World London 90Sindelfingen, October 2014
13Stamp Show 2000NORDIA Oslo, November 2014
14LONDON 2010Spring Stampex, February 2015
15LONDON 2015 EUROPHILEXLondon 2015,, May 2015

Each card has been sponsored by a member of the philatelic community, including collectors, dealers and reporters, and the cards are being printed in limited numbers. With the exception of Card No 15, we do not expect to produce more than 1,000 of each. A proportion of these will be distributed at the shows listed above but some are being held back to  create complete sets that will be available for sale at LONDON 2015.

To answer those collectors who have already asked us how they can obtain a complete set, you will be able to buy them at the show in May 2015 but be quick! Numbers will be limited. We expect the price for a complete set to be around £20 (to be confirmed).  If you would like to reserve a set, please contact Deborah at

Pictures of the cards that have not yet been issued will be released as they become available.

Royal Mail Special Items at London 2015

On 6 May 2015, exactly a week before London 2015 EUROPHILEX opened its doors, Royal Mail celebrated the 175th anniversary of the Penny Black with the release of a very special stamp issue. It included a miniature sheet, presentation pack and a retail stamp book with publicity for London 2015 EUROPHILEX.

Royal Mail London 2015

A visit to the Royal Mail stand is highly recommended. As well as the entire Penny Black stamp range you can see two limited edition releases that are exclusive to the exhibition. The first is a numbered, limited edition Exhibition souvenir pack featuring the Penny Black miniature sheet bearing a EUROPHILEX overprint. The second is a numbered, limited edition stamp card which also has an image of the miniature sheet and overprint. The miniature sheet itself includes four very special stamps, all with first class values. Two replicate the design of the Penny Black and two the Twopenny Blue.

Royal Mail London 2015

Royal Mail London 2015

For each day of the exhibition a special handstamp will be available, with additional handstamps on 13 and 14 May for first day covers of the new Post & Go stamps and First World War sets respectively.