The European Championship for Thematic Philately in Essen will be the thematic arm of LONDON 2015 Europhilex

The Organisers of London 2015 EUROPHILEX and of the European Championship for Thematic Philately agreed in September 2013 to hold a joint exhibition.

As a result of this agreement the thematic section of the London 2015 exhibition will be held at Essen, Germany from 7-9 May 2015.

The winners will be displayed at London 2015 Europhilex.

ECTP Exhibits

The Exhibits to be shown at ECTP are as follows:

NameExhibit Title
Albe, FelixLe Dimanche, Ordinaire ou Grand, Phenomene de Societe
Audejean, AlainNatural Silk
Aulagnier, StephaneBats…and humans
Banas, ArturThe most popular winter sport - Alpine Skiing
Barak, IzhakThe Development of Aviation and Transportation of Mail by Air until 1914
Bettarini, PaoloHistory of the civil aircraft until 1940
Boros, Dr. LaszloWunderwelt der Strahlen
Bruno, MassimilianoFootballers of the World play for a Cup
Bulegato, MaurizioGothic
Cep, IgorThe Olympic cycle
Cohen, FrancoiseLe fabuleux destin d'un joli poulain
De Zanchi, Gabriella"Puer Natus Est Nobis"
Dehé, JohnA City Wall of Water
Doria, Carlo"The victory will be ours"
Douwstra, SijtzeMillions of years of nature encapsulated in stone
Eckel, TorstenAlbrecht Dürer - Unternehmer der Renaissance
Etherington, Jim1940: A Desperate Year for Britain
Fisher, LawrenceThe Jewish Homeland
Fock, Mihael I.The Grey Goose Wing
Forestier, GeraldineRelationship between bees and men
Frenci, PetrBiography of the First Woman in Space
Fritz, RüdigerDas olympische Comeback
Fuchs, WilfriedDie Erfolgsgeschichte des Weins - von der Rebe zum Genuss
Fuchs, WilfriedDer Fuchs und seine wechselvolle Beziehung zu den Menschen
Grande, ClaudioThe University of Pisa and ist History
Groeneveld, JeffreyThe four Dutch Queens, their duty and servitude to the Netherlands
Gronquist, SofiaToys and Games
Guglielminetti, PaoloThe unfinnished Network - History of the African Railways
Hayward, JohnThe Iron Steed
Heino, RainoWeather, from observations to forecasts
Helling, N.F.The motorcycle, nostalgia and use
Herràiz, Josè AntonioMonarchy, A Form of State
Herrmann, DanielL'Olympisme, La Bataille Perpètuelle des Rènovateurs
Huhnen, ErnstRunning Jumping Throwing - 3000 Years of Athletics
Humfrey, MarkThe Globalisation of Vanilla
Ieco, PhilippeL'impressionism, A major step in painting
Kälin, SylviaIch liebe Hühnervieh
Kennerknecht, Hanns MichaelFeuerwehr "Ohne uns wird`s brenzlig"
Läge, DamianFascinated in Feathers - how birds inspire people
Lee, LindaFlower Magic
Limmen-Stegemeyer, E.M.A.Illuminated guards on the coast
Lubianiker, YoramChess: The Game of War
Maitin, Dr. BalramU.N.R.R.A in War and Peace
Markac, MarcoFrom Grain to Bread
Marley, LesleyA Whale`s Tale
Menze, XaverDas Fahnen und Flaggenwesen - eine Weltsprache
Miralles, TerezaNurse to care, to teach and to confort
Müller, JörgOlympische Sommerspiele 1936
Müller, WolfgangGeld hat eine Adresse - Sparkasse
Nuyts, RenaatThe silver screen
Österdahl, Bengt-GöranThe History of Chemistry
Overgaard, Knud RaskChess - War on 64 Squares
Piniella, FranciscoThe Conquest of Horizon
Polo, PasqualeThe Game of Rugby Town
Prange, RyszardVine and wine - the gifts of gods, sun and soil
Radzuweit, ThomasDie Weimarer Republik
Rasmussen, Leif W.Animals Subjected To Man
Rasmussen, Leif W.Hunting and Fishing
Rasmussen, Leif W.The evolving Society
Sanchez, MarcelThe cathedral, masterpiece of a city
Schmidt, EberhardKometen - Asteroiden - Meteoroide, Wanderer in unserem Sonnensystem
Schwertz, PierreFascination de L'Abeille
Sousa, Paulo JorgeA look into a sustainable future
Steinmann, GottfriedDer Warschauer Aufstand 1944 und seine Pfadfinder
Suhadolc, PeterThe conquest of the unprofitable world
Toussaint, Jo"Hier wollen wir stille stehen und das Brandenburger Tor und die darauf stehende Victoria betrachten (Heinrich Heine)"
Trawinski, KrzysztofIn the Shadow of Trees
Tschumi, Dr. MarcelBrücken. Wunder der Technik aus vier Perspektiven
van Duin, Jan CeesDutch Everyday Life
van Laere, RogerAtlantic Puffin: Clown of the Ocean
Van Laere, RogerPeople of the Sun
Veggeland, TuridBitter Pills and strong Drops
Viljanen, OlliThe worlds meet
Watson, AlanHeraldry: A Basic Course
Webers, HaiGeteiltes Europa im zwanzigsten Jahrhundert
Weir, PeterLiquid of Life - Blood from an ancient myth to a modern medicine
Wheeler, RichardThe Evolution of Puppetry
Zimmermann, PaulSparkassen, Banken und Börsen


History and Press Releases

This agreement was announced at the FEPA Congress in Madrid on 6 October 2013.

The following  press release was issued on 7 October 2013:

The Organisers of London 2015 EUROPHILEX and the European Championship for Thematic Philately (ECTP) have agreed to work together to create a joint exhibition in May 2015. This international cooperation is a new departure in the world of exhibitions.

The ECTP will be held in Essen on 7-9 May 2015, and LONDON 2015 EUROPHILEX will take place at the Business Design Centre, Islington on 13-16 May 2015.

To maximise the opportunities for exhibitors ECTP will be the thematic arm of London 2015. All thematic exhibits will be shown and judged in Essen to the same international standards as in London and they will be awarded London 2015 medals. The winning exhibits in each of the nine thematic groups will be displayed in London but will not be judged again. They will also be eligible to be considered for the Grand Prix awards.

Entries for thematic exhibits will be sent to ECTP and processed there. Further details can be found on the ECTP website from November 2013 [].

This exciting development has the full support of the Federation of European Philatelic Associations (FEPA) which has given patronage to both London 2015 and ECTP. Both shows will also have FIP recognition.

London 2015 Chairman Bill Hedley said, ‘We are delighted to be able to work with our colleagues in Essen to produce a first-class European show. This new approach will benefit exhibitors and will help to secure the future of competitive philately in Europe.’

Further details about the arrangements for the show at Essen will be published as they become available.