Competitive exhibits at LONDON 2015

The Organisers express their warmest thanks to everyone who applied to exhibit competitively at LONDON 2015. Applications far exceeded the number of frames available so it was necessary to select the exhibits to be accepted. The exhibits listed below will be shown in the competitive classes:

Postal History
Postal Stationery

CountryNameExhibit TitleClass
AlbaniaMuharem GimjaniPostal History of Kingdom of Albania 1928-1939Postal History
AlbaniaRaja100 years anniversary of the First Independent Albanian State of the Vlorë Government, 1912-1914Postal History
AustriaGünter BaurechtDer Innerösterreichische Postkurs und das innerösterreichische Postamt in VenedigPostal History
AustriaPetra FindenigThe Malayan TigerYouth 7A
AustriaGerhard HanacekTheresienstadt 1941-1945Postal History
AustriaHorst HorinEmpire - Mexico 1864-1867Traditional
AustriaArmin LindMoney- and Value-Letters in AustriaPostal History
AustriaFritz PuschmannAustrian issues 1850-1867Traditional
AustriaWerner SchindlerThe Austrian Post in the Levante – 200 years of Habsburg interests in the OrientPostal History
BelarusNadzeya DzemiadziukThe birds of Oltush's lake and its surroundingsYouth 7A
BelarusVladzimir KunikHistory of progress of mail of Russia during an epoch/ Reigns of a sort of RomanovsLiterature
BelarusViktar KopatsEstland 1792-1941 (Estonia)Traditional
BelarusHanna PilipovichOn the 100th Anniversary of the Romanov SeriesYouth 7B
BelarusSergei PilipovichPostal Rates of RSFSR and Soviet Byelorussia 15.VIII.1917-15.XII.1923Postal History
BelarusPavel TrafimukA little about fishing Youth 7C
BelgiumJan Bonroy20 Centimes Blue Leopold I - a study of the paperLiterature
BelgiumHugo BroekmansThe Rural Post in Belgium (16th Cent.-1895)Postal History
BelgiumHubert CaprasseThe Belgian Coil stamps (1953-1973)Traditional
BelgiumHubert CaprasseLes rouleaux à l'effigie du Roi Baudouin 1er type MarchandLiterature
BelgiumLars JørgensenZAR - Transvaal - ZAR (1869-1885)Traditional
BelgiumMichel LambertHistore Postale de Le BrulyTraditional
BelgiumPatrick MaselisThe Medallion Issue of Belgium (1849-1863)Traditional
BelgiumJacques PirotteLe courrier du Groupe belge des Autos-Canons-Mitrailleuses en Russie (1915-1918) Literature
BelgiumRoland De SwaefLa Monarchie Belge, héritaire et parlementaireOpen
BelgiumAimé Van LandeghemThe Postal Stationery of Cape of Good Hope (1878-1902)Stationery
BelgiumWilly Vande WieleMail across the Channel and the North Sea (1570-1815)Postal History
BulgariaSpas PanchevEast Roumelia & South BulgariaTraditional
BulgariaOrlin TodorovBulgaria - Postal Stationeries 1879-1898Stationery
CroatiaJakov AkrapDie Stadte Meiner KindheitYouth 7A
CroatiaBranimir BilandžičCroatian Joint IssuesYouth 7C
CroatiaTihomir BilandžičSHS Issue 29.October 1918 from Idea to UsageTraditional
CroatiaCroatian Philatelic FederationHrvatska filatelija 2014Literature
CroatiaMirko MerlakPostal History of Dalmatia 1919-1921Traditional
CroatiaNenad RoginaRijeka 1918 – supporting issues with the Fiume overprint on Hungarian stampsTraditional
CroatiaEduard TkalčićRegular, Local and Unofficial Issues of the Independent State of Croatia, 1941-1945Traditional
CroatiaDamir NovakovićSurface Postal Rates of the Free Territory of Trieste - Zone BPostal History
CroatiaRadovan VukadinovićNATO in PhilatelyLiterature
CyprusAkis ChristouCanada: The Silver Jubilee of King George V-1935Traditional
DenmarkBo AnderssonSuez-Aden-Bombay Sea Post Office 1868-1914Postal History
DenmarkPeter HørlyckNigeria Postal StationeryStationery
DenmarkJohnny BarthCape of Good Hope, The Prephilatelic Period (1652-1853)Postal History
DenmarkJørgen JørgensenDanish Mail to Foreign Destinations 1854-74Postal History
DenmarkHenrik MouritsenThe Classic Postal Stationery of Denmark 1865-1905Stationery
EgyptYasser ElshamyEgypt airmail postal history 1926-1939Aero
EgyptTarek MokhtarShibin El-Kom Postmarks 1870-1922Postal History
EgyptMahmoud RamadanEgyptian official stamps 1893-1922Traditional
EgyptAhmed Yousef1897 Provisionally overprinted Egyptian stamps in SudanPostal History
FinlandJohn GodfreyFinland Airmails 1920-1946Aero
FinlandJuha KauppinenEthiopian Postal History to 1936Postal History
FinlandSeija-Riitta LaaksoMerkillisiä tapahtumia - Collector EventsLiterature
FinlandJari MajanderYour Cuppa Tea - The History, Culture and Business of TeaOpen
FinlandJussi MurtosaariFinland, coat of arms, type 1875Traditional
FinlandCyril SchwensonGrand Duchy of Finland: Pre UPU Issued Stamps, 1856-1875Traditional
FinlandSeppo TalvioNorth Atlantic Mail by Steamship until UPUPostal History
FranceBrigitte AbensurLes petites Postes de FrancePostal History
FrancePatrick BeckUtilisation et évolution des marques d'arrivée avant 1830 en Maine et LoirePostal History
FranceChou Ming FuLes courriers du MandchoukouoPostal History
FranceJean Paul DaviMilitary Franchise Stamps from FranceTraditional
FranceLouis FanchiniFabrication and postal usage of the Large Hermes Heads, Paris printingsTraditional
FranceMaurice HadidaMorocco postal history (1852-1925): selection of the local and Cherifian posts of MoroccoPostal History
FranceBernard LochonCorrespondances Japonaises en franchise militaire pendant la guerre Russo-JaponaisePostal History
FranceGuy MarchotLettres des internés du Camp des Milles 1939-1942Literature
FranceRobert MarionMauritius Postal History 1774-1833Postal History
FranceLiliane MoriceLa vie de PasteurOpen
FranceMarcel NadalMarseille: Marques d'Entrées Maritimes des origines á la fin du XIXe SièclePostal History
FranceHenri NeimarkMail from French Internment Camps WWIIPostal History
FranceDaniel PaulinLes affranchissements avec les Cerès grands chiffres de la 3ème RépubliquePostal History
FranceJacques RenollaudMail of French Prisoners-of-War in England 1756-1815Literature
FranceOlivier StockerTimbres au type BlancTraditional
FrancePaul Van Der GrijpFrench Stamps on Bills of Lading: 1792-1892Revenue
FranceJean VigneronFrench Postal Stationery SemeuseStationery
GermanyWolfgang BauerDestinations and Combination Frankings Large Heads of Greece 1828–1875Postal History
GermanyJohannes BornmannNepal, Classic Postal Stationery (1887–1959). National and international usage from the aspects of postal history. Stationery
GermanyJürgen BrieseEarly Postal History of BelgiumPostal History
GermanyUlrich BrunkeThe Post Office of Wolfenbüttel (Duchy of Brunswick) - Postal History Collection 1807-1867Postal History
GermanyWilma DroemontDépartements conquis 1792–1815Postal History
GermanySteffen EckertStempelgesetze und Gebühren in Sachsen von 1682 bis 1952. Handbuch und Katalog zur Sächsischen Fiskalphilatelie [Fiscal Legislation and Taxes in Saxony from 1682 to 1952. Handbook and Catalogue of Saxon Fiscal Philately]Literature
GermanyHans-Joachim FilbrandtThe Postal Automation in the North German Confederation and in Germany until 1923Postal History
GermanyOtto GeißelbrechtPolnische Postwertzeichen 1944–1947 (Polish Postage Stamps 1944–1947)Traditional
GermanyKlaus GuhlGreetings from… United Nations Personalized Stamps 2003-2013Literature
GermanyPeter HeckThe Netherlands - Postmarks, from the Beginning up to 1813-14Postal History
GermanyRolf-Dieter JaretzkyPeruTraditional
GermanyReinhard KampsFürstentum Liechtenstein: die Verwendung der Nachportomarken bis 1928 [Principality of Liechtenstein: Use of Postage Due Stamps up to 1928]Traditional
GermanyArnim KnappRundbriefe der Forschungsgemeinschaft Sachsen e.V. [Bulletins of the Study Group Saxony]Literature
GermanyArnim KnappGanzsachen im Königreich Sachsen [Postal Stationery of the Kingdom of Saxony]Stationery
GermanyKarlfried KraußPrussia as the Main Link of the Russian-Polish Mail with the WestPostal History
GermanyFranz-Karl LindnerMail of the Blind - CécogrammesPostal History
GermanyWolfgang MaassenHeinrich Köhler und seine Nachfolger (Heinrich Köhler and his Successors)Literature
GermanyWolfgang MaassenWolfgang Maassen and Vincent Schouberechts: Milestones of Philatelic Literature in the 19th CenturyLiterature
GermanyWolfgang MaassenPhilatelieLiterature
GermanyWolfgang MaassenThe Philatelic JournalistLiterature
GermanyFriedrich MeyerBremen MailPostal History
GermanyHeinrich MimbergThurn und Taxis-Mitteilungen [Bulletin of the Thurn and Taxis Study Group]Literature
GermanyHans Günter PabstPost in the Soviet Zone of Occupation (Germany) 1945/46Postal History
GermanyClaus PetryThe Field Post Airmail Admission Stamp of the German EmpireTraditional
GermanyEberhard RichterSe-tenant Stamps of the GDR - Printing Plate Flaws and Printing ErrorsLiterature
GermanyEberhard RichterSpecialized Catalogue Se-tenant Stamps and Stamp Booklets of the GDR (parts 1 - 3)Literature
GermanyMichael ScheweKönigreich Sachsen: Friedrich-August-Ausgabe [Friedrich-August Issue of Saxony]Traditional
GermanyWilhelm SchmidtPostsendungen der AM-Post-Zeit [Mail during the Period of Allied Military Post in Germany]Postal History
GermanySchwaneberger Verlag GmbHMICHEL Austria Specialized Catalogue 2014Literature
GermanyHeinrich Koehler Auktionshaus GmbH & Co. KGEdition D’Or vol XLIII: Prussia – the Rolf Dieter Jaretzky collectionLiterature
GermanyHeinrich Koehler Auktionshaus GmbH & Co. KGEdition D’Or vol XLI: Sleswig – from Danish Duchy in 1625 to the Plebiscite in 1920 – the Christopher King collectionLiterature
GermanyCorinphila Auktionen AGEdition D’Or vol XLII: Belgian Medallions 1849-1866 – the Patrick Maselis collectionLiterature
GermanyCorinphila Auktionen AGEdition D’Or vol XXII: Cape of Good Hope - the Joseph Hackmey collectionLiterature
GermanyCorinphila Auktionen AGEdition D’Or vol XX: Classic India and Scinde 1600-1858 - the Jochen Heddergott collectionLiterature
GermanyDietrich EcklebeBriefmarken und Bildung: UNESCO Welterbe in Deutschland. Stamps and Education: UNESCO World Heritage in GermanyLiterature
GermanySchwaneberger Verlag GmbHMICHEL Catalogue Europe in 7 volumesLiterature
GermanySchwaneberger Verlag GmbHMICHEL Catalogue Germany 2014/15 incl. CDLiterature
GermanySchwaneberger Verlag GmbHMICHEL Catalogue Ships of the WorldLiterature
GermanySchwaneberger Verlag GmbHMICHEL CEPT Catalogue 2015Literature
GermanySchwaneberger Verlag GmbHMICHEL Germany Specialized Catalogue 2014, Volumes 1 and 2Literature
GermanySchwaneberger Verlag GmbHMICHEL handbook and specialized catalogue Corners of stamp panes from the German ReichLiterature
GermanySchwaneberger Verlag GmbHMICHEL Junior Catalogue 2015Literature
GermanySchwaneberger Verlag GmbHMICHEL Overseas Catalogue in 18 VolumesLiterature
GermanySchwaneberger Verlag GmbHMICHEL RundschauLiterature
GermanySchwaneberger Verlag GmbHMICHEL Switzerland/Liechtenstein Specialized Catalogue 2014/15Literature
GermanySchwaneberger Verlag GmbHMICHEL Thematic Catalogue Birds Europe incl. CDLiterature
GermanySchwaneberger Verlag GmbHMICHEL Thematic Catalogue Railways Whole World 2014 incl. CDLiterature
GermanySchwaneberger Verlag GmbHMICHEL USA Specialized Catalogue 2014Literature
GermanySchwaneberger Verlag GmbHMICHEL-PRIFIX-Katalog Luxemburg 2014/2015Literature
GermanyHeinz SeligDie Wiederaufnahme des Postverkehrs in Schaumburg in der Britischen Besatzungszone nach dem 8. Mai 1945 [The Beginning of the Postal Service in Schaumburg in the British Zone of Occupation after May 8, 1945]Postal History
GermanyRenate SpringerDer Sammler und Prüfer Walter Artur Opitz 1877–1968 [The Collector and Certified Philatelic Expert Walter Artur Opitz 1877–1968]Literature
GermanyWilfried TangGerman Zeppelin Mail (Deutsche Zeppelinpost)Aero
GermanyRudolf van de WeyerThe Germania Booklets (1910–1921) Traditional
GreecePanayotis CangelarisThe Mafeking blues 1900Traditional
GreeceNikolaos KaranikolasInselpost - The German military postal service of the Aegean Islands in 1944-45Postal History
GreeceEvangelos KoutsikasHellenic Administration of DedeaghatchTraditional
GreeceMichael PetradakisDodecanese - English occupation 1944-1947Postal History
HungaryGéza HomonnayFirst issues of the worldPostal History
HungaryAndrás JakabDie selbständige ungarische Postverwaltung bis zur Gründung der UPU 1867-1875Postal History
HungaryMafittPhilatelica 2011-2014Literature
HungaryPhilatelia Hungarica LLCCatalogue of the Postage and Revenue Stamps of Hungary 2014-2015Literature
HungaryKároly SzücsThe Less Denomination With The Highest ImportanceRevenue
IcelandSigtryggur EythórssonIcelandic Postal Stationary 1879-1920Stationery
IcelandÁrni GústafssonIcelandic Shipmail Transiting Ports Of Call And Paquebot MarksPostal History
IcelandHjalti JóhannessonIcelandic cancellation of Antiqua and Lapidar typesPostal History
IrelandBrian CallanGraf Zeppelin D-LZ127 South America Airmail 1930-1939Aero
IrelandPatrick CaseyVictoria Regina – her life, times and legacyOpen
IrelandBarry CousinsIreland's Permanent Definitive Stamps and Essays 1922-1937Literature
IrelandDes QuailIrish postal historyPostal History
IsraelShaula AlexanderTurkish post in the Holy Land 1841 – 1918Postal History
IsraelLes GlassmanPre-Philatelic postal history of JerusalemPostal History
IsraelItamar KarpovskyForeign Post Offices in Palestine 1850 – 1914Postal History
IsraelEddie LeibuRomania: outbound mail, from the Crimean War to the UPUPostal History
ItalyGiovanni CucchianiThe siege of MafekingTraditional
ItalyTommaso De RussisUn breve viaggio nel mondo della filateliaLiterature
ItalyTommaso De RussisLa Puglia nella filateliaLiterature
ItalyDavid DonadeoMail to coffee housesPostal History
ItalyCorrado CarliMail in transit via TriestePostal History
ItalyFerdinando GiudiciSouvenir de siège de Paris 1870-71Aero
ItalyLuca LavagninoLe bureau de poste aux lettres de Coni pendant l'administration française (1801-1814)Postal History
ItalyGiorgio LecceseFrance unadopted proofs and essaysLiterature
ItalyGiorgio LecceseMonaco unadopted proofs and essaysLiterature
ItalyFrancesco LombardoSicily 1859-60. Prepaid letter mail from SicilyPostal History
ItalyThomas MathàInternational letter mail crossing the Italian peninsula 1815-1852Postal History
ItalyMario MentaschiLetter mail from and to the old Italian states beyond France and Austria, 1850-1870Postal History
ItalyMario MeroneThe Kingdom of NaplesTraditional
ItalyFlavio RiccitelliThe South American air mail service by Air France (1933-1940)Aero
ItalyVaccari srlProofs, essays, and reprint of the II and the III issues of the Kingdom of Sardinia - study and cataloguesLiterature
ItalyVaccari srlVaccari Catalogue 2011-2012: postage stamps and postal history, 1850-1900Literature
ItalyVaccari srlVaccari Magazine 2013 Nrs 49-50 with indexLiterature
LiechtensteinJan HuysBelgium: the Epaulettes and the 40c imperforate Medallions of 1849-61Traditional
LuxembourgLars BoettgerThe Great War and its postal consequences for Luxembourg, 1914-1919Postal History
LuxembourgLars BoettgerHandbuch zur Besetzung von Luxemburg im 1. Weltkrieg 1914 – 1918 und der alliierten BesetzungLiterature
LuxembourgRoland SchneiderForerunners of the postal stationery postcards of LuxembourgStationery
MontenegroMihailo RadicevicCatalogue of Post Stamps of Montenegro 1874-2011Literature
NetherlandsSybrand BakkerVictoria wrappers for newspapers, periodicals and other printed matter issued and used in the period 1869-1912Stationery
NetherlandsWillem Erfmann & Egbert StuutPostal History of Surinam 1650-1975 Volumes 1&2Literature
NetherlandsWim TukkerPostcards Australian StatesStationery
NetherlandsRené GerritsenCape of Good Hope Seated Hope rectangular 1864-1898Traditional
NetherlandsHans van der HorstService suspended during World War IIPostal History
NetherlandsOscar van der VlietCaptured on an IslandRevenue
NetherlandsDick van der WaterenNepal RevenuesRevenue
NetherlandsGerard van WelieDestination InsulindePostal History
NetherlandsTon VoorbraakBritish Mail Overseas 1840 to UPUPostal History
NetherlandsHotze WiersmaPostmarks and Post Offices in the Netherlands until 1872; Volumes 1&2Literature
NetherlandsHans WilderbeekStamps and postal relations of the Duchy of Brunswick until the end of its postal independence in 1868Postal History
NorwayTomas BolsoeSome companies which first used Perfins in DenmarkPostal History
NorwayTom KomnaesThe postal history of Norwegian skilling coversPostal History
NorwayMichel LascombeHambourg sous l'occupation Française 1806-1814Postal History
NorwayEivind LundMaritime mail from the coastal town Guayaquil in the period 1780 - 1865Postal History
NorwayHenning Jarle MathiassenLonger, higher, faster - success, trouble and disasterOpen
NorwayHallvard SletteboeInterrupted mail of ScandinaviaPostal History
NorwayPer Aage SoerumStudies on the production of SG Norway O219 surcharge; 2 on 5 oere magentaTraditional
NorwayGeorg StoermerThe Perkins Bacon yearsTraditional
NorwayWilfred WasendenBritish Mail sent to Norway, Denmark and Sweden before 1876Postal History
PolandJulian AuleytnerBeginnings of the Post in Independent Poland 1918-20Postal History
PolandJulian AuleytnerBeginnings of the Polish Post in Pomerania 1920Literature
PolandBronisław BrzozowskiThe Vilnius Directorate of Posts and Telegraphs between 1919 and 1939Literature
PolandJerzy GruszczyńskiBajonczycy the Polish Company in the French Foreign Legion 1914-1915Literature
PolandJacek KosmalaAerial Formations of the General Haller 'Blue' Army and the French Military Mission in Poland 1917-1923Postal History
PolandKrzysztof PiwkoLocal Overprint Issue in Skalat 1919Traditional
PolandStanislaw KwokaPolish commemorative dated postmarks 2002-2003Literature
PolandRoman OknińskiThe first issue in POW camp Woldenberg II C of the Widow and the Postman, 1942Traditional
PolandFeliks PodoleckiDirectorate of Posts and Telegraphs in Lvov: post offices opened in years 1919-1938Literature
PortugalSeccao Filatelica e Numismatica Clube dos GalitosPhilatelic magazine Selos & MoedasLiterature
PortugalGraham CoshGerman aerophilately 1888-1938Aero
PortugalLuís  FrazãoThe first postal stationery issue of Portuguese ColoniesStationery
PortugalLuís  FrazãoPortuguese Pre-stamp Period Postmarks Volumes 1 & 2Literature
PortugalFrancisco GalveiasOs Bombeiros na Filatelia Portuguesa (Firefighters in Portuguese Philately)Literature
PortugalAmérico RebeloPhilatelic items for the years 2013-14 published in several journalsLiterature
PortugalLuis BarreirosPortugal & Colonies pre-stamp periodPostal History
RomaniaOana BoureanuRomania - proofs, dummy, essaysTraditional
RomaniaSavoiu EmanollRomanian postal stationery to 1918Stationery
RomaniaTraian SerendanPre-philatelic details in Moldova and Wallachia in the XIXth CenturyTraditional
RomaniaOctavian TabacaruKUK Feldpost mail 1914-1918. Catalogue part I: PostcardsLiterature
RussiaGalina ChudesovaPetersburg in maximaphily & The Romanovs and Saint-Petersburg: two centuries togetherLiterature
RussiaValery GlushchukRussian Empire 1657-1917Traditional
RussiaOlga IvanovaThe World of Stamps and Coins - Magazine Literature
RussiaMarina MandrovskayaTurkestan 1868-1917Postal History
RussiaPublishing and Trading Center MARKACatalogue. Signs of postal payment, Zemstvo, Venden 1866-1919. Local issues of Civil War time 1918-1923. The Tuvan People's Republic 1926-1944. Local issues of the Russian Federation 1992 - 2006. Vols 1 & 2Literature
RussiaPublishing and Trading Center MARKACatalogue. State signs of postal payment. Postal stationery 1845 -2012. The Russian Empire, the USSR, the RSFSR, the Grand Duchy of Finland, the Tuvan People's Republic. Vols 1 & 2Literature
RussiaPublishing and Trading Center MARKAPhilately 2014. MagazineLiterature
RussiaRafael NagapetiantsPostal history of ArmeniaPostal History
RussiaYuri ObukhovZemstvo stamps of Perm Governorate (1871-1919)Traditional
RussiaA.S. Popov; Central Museum of CommunicationCollections reflect history - dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the jubilee Romanovs stamp issue. Literature
RussiaAndrey StryginRossica: All about the Russian philately and Russian stampsLiterature
RussiaSergey TkachenkoMilitary censorship in the USSR 1941-1953Literature
RussiaAlexander VoroninPhilatelic GeographyLiterature
RussiaValery ZagorskyCatalogue Russia 1857-1917, RSFSR 1918-1922, USSR 1923-1991Literature
RussiaValery ZagorskyDrafts of Stamps. USSR 1923-1960Literature
RussiaAlexander ZverevCatalogue of postage stamps of Russian Empire, RSFSR and USSR 1857-1940Literature
SlovakiaPéter CsicsayPostmasters' receipts from northern HungaryTraditional
SlovakiaFrantišek DivokThe postal service in the Spiš by 1920Postal History
SlovakiaJuraj PálkaHungary pre-stamp periodPostal History
SlovakiaAntonia PaulinyovaFrantisek Horniak - delineavit et sculpsitLiterature
SloveniaBojan BračičPostmarks of Post Office Ptuj 1818-1945Postal History
SloveniaVencel FerantLads, Let’s Grab a Pint! Open
SloveniaBoštjan PetauerBosnian Field-post Cancellations 1914-1918Postal History
SloveniaAlojz TomcPrivate Essays for 1935 Regular Stamp Issue of Kingdom of YugoslaviaTraditional
SpainJosé Alberto Barreras BarrerasAntillas ColonialPostal History
SpainEugenio De QuesadaEl correo certificado y el Alfonsillo 1879-1889Postal History
SpainAndrés Galarón CalvoWeekly Philatelic Items in the Diario de Burgos 2012-15Literature
SpainJulio Peñas ArteroEl baile de los matasellosLiterature
SpainJosé Vicente DomènechCatálogo de Viñetas Republicanas de la Guerra CivilLiterature
SpainAlfredo Miguel MartínezDemonetized stamps in Spain before 1879Traditional
SpainAlfredo Miguel MartínezSpain. Los signos externos de la correspondenciaPostal History
SpainRafael Pérez RodríguezSpain. Isabel II First perforated issuesTraditional
SwedenJan BergPrivate Ship Letter Stamp Issuing Companies; up to 1900Traditional
SwedenLeif BergmanThe Office for Post Box Letters in Stockholm 1855-1862Postal History
SwedenFriedhelm BernhardtPostal History of Swedish Pomerania 1648-1815Postal History
SwedenRichard BodinSwedes in Active Service in Finland 1918-1919Postal History
SwedenLennart Daun1890 until 1942 - The second period of Postal Stationery in SwedenStationery
SwedenFacit Förlags ABFacit 2015 SpecialLiterature
SwedenErik HambergSweden: Circle Type Mail 1877-1886Postal History
SwedenClaes HederstiernaCorrientes 1856-1882Traditional
SwedenStefan HeijtzSt. Helena Postal History 1677-1903Postal History
SwedenStefan HeijtzSpecialised Stamp Catalogue of the Falkland Islands & Dependencies including Postal History & Cancellations 1800 - 2013Literature
SwedenRoland NordbergCosta Rica, from 1800 to the 1889 Correos Overprint IssueTraditional
SwedenSven PåhlmanDutch West Indies: Postal Routes and Rates 1695-1918Postal History
SwedenKalman PappHistory of WritingOpen
SwedenÅke RietzGreat Britain - Line Engraved and Embossed IssuesTraditional
SwedenBengt SchéleSweden - Coat of Arms and Lion Type, 1858-1872Traditional
SwedenHarry SnarvoldTransatlantic Mail Sailings connected with Norway in the 19th centuryPostal History
SwedenBjörn SohrneThe Postal Story of Yemen 1870s-1940s including the Kamaran Island to 1952Traditional
SwitzerlandPeter BeerNorth Atlantic Catapult Flights 1928-35Aero
SwitzerlandGiovanni BalimannCancelling machines in SwitzerlandPostal History
SwitzerlandAdriano BergaminiPostal relations between the Ticino (Switzerland) and foreign countries before UPUPostal History
SwitzerlandPeter FinkAerogramme World TourYouth 7C
SwitzerlandRoger FinkAerogramme vom englischen WeltreichYouth 7A
SwitzerlandChristian KellerCourrier SudAero
SwitzerlandOtmar LienertDie Systematik der Internationalen AntwortscheineStationery
SwitzerlandRoger MullerThe Swiss AirmailAero
SwitzerlandJean VoruzGeneva Postal Services 1840-1862Postal History
TurkeyAlan MellaartOttoman Empire Postal History of Greece 1840-1912Postal History
TurkeyAli OzbekThe Duloz Issues of the Ottoman EmpireTraditional
TurkeyBahattin OztuncayOttoman Field Post Offices during World War IPostal History
TurkeyAtadan TunaciOttoman Railway Postal HistoryPostal History
TurkeyErtuğrul TunaliCyprus - Postage Due, British Colonial AdministrationPostal History
UKKhaled AbdulmughniKuwait Postal History - Indian Era 1902-1949Postal History
UKKhaled AbdulmughniBeginning of Postal Services in Kuwait (1896-1923)Literature
UKJon AitchisonGuernsey Adhesive Revenue StampsRevenue
UKJon AitchisonThe Isle of Man Before Postal Independence. Steps on a Route to a Postal IdentityOpen
UKWaleed Al-SaifKuwait Post Office 1915-1958 & Kuwait Post Office 1915-1964Traditional
UKPeter AveyardDie II Alphabet III 1855-1864Traditional
UKJames BendonUPU Specimen Stamps 1878-1961Literature
UKMichael BisterThe Postcode Programmes of France - The Experimental Years: 1958-1978Postal History
UKCarol BommaritoTransatlantic Treaty Mail from Great Britain to the U.S. 1849-1867Postal History
UKGraham BoothSpoon Cancellations of Great BritainPostal History
UKJoyce BoyerAustrian Air Mails 1918-1938Aero
UKEddie BridgesThe 1d Ship Value of the Union of South AfricaTraditional
UKDeane BriggsFlorida Confederate Postal HistoryPostal History
UKPeter ChadwickHandstruck Marks of the Uniform Penny Post of Great BritainPostal History
UKChristopher CookseyMining Documents of the British South Africa CompanyRevenue
UKCPSGBCzechout 2014Literature
UKMartyn CusworthThe 1893-1901 Telegraph Stamps of Chile and their Postal UseTraditional
UKJohn DahlPortuguese Nyassa Company 1901-1911 King Carlos 1 issue, Giraffe & Camels designTraditional
UKEssa DashtiCoronation Stamps of Her Majesty The Queen Elizabeth II 1953 by Essa DastiLiterature
UKJohn DaviesA Jubilee ReminiscenceOpen
UKDerek DiamondThe 1898 Pictorial Issue of New ZealandLiterature
UKGary DiffenThe Australian Military Campaign at GallipoliOpen
UKRex DixonPostal Rates & Services of Germany December 1923 to May 1945Postal History
UKHugh FeldmanThe First Four Decades of U.S. Rail Road Mail ContractsPostal History
UKZe'ev GalibovBritish Army Post Offices, the SZ Postmarks 1915-1920Postal History
UKRobert GallandThe First Low Value Surface Printed Postage Stamps of Great BritainTraditional
UKJames Peter GoughThe UPU and Its Impact on Global Postal ServicesPostal History
UKGary W. GranzowLine Engraved Security Printing: the Methods of Perkins Bacon 1790-1935Literature
UKMichael GoodmanStamp LoverLiterature
UKJoseph HackmeyClassic SwitzerlandTraditional
UKWolfgang HellriglThe Postal History of Mongolia 1841-1941Literature
UKColin HoffmanRhodesia Arms Issues 1890-1909Traditional
UKAlan HolyoakeSecured Delivery Leading to the Introduction of UK Registration of Internal, External and Transit of Mail 1450-1852Postal History
UKAlan HolyoakeThe World's First Postage StampLiterature
UKJohn HorseyThe £5 OrangeTraditional
UKGraham HortonGreat Britain: Edward VII Essays and ProofsTraditional
UKAlan Huggins & Edward KlempkaGreat Britain: The 1840 Prepaid Parliamentary EnvelopesLiterature
UKBrian HurstThe Bechuanalands: Provisional Overprints on ½d Cape of Good Hope Stamp, issued 27 December 1888Traditional
UKBrian HurstThe Bechuanalands: The Queen Victoria ½d Vermilion Stamp of GB as overprinted for use in British Bechuanaland and the Bechuanaland ProtectorateTraditional
UKAlfred KhalastchyBritish Occupation and Mandate Issues for Iraq 1918-1932Traditional
UKChris & Birthe KingDenmark and the Second World War 1939-1949 - Overseas MailPostal History
UKKeith KlugmanClassic Victorian NatalTraditional
UKGeorge KramerThe Butterfield Overland MailPostal History
UKIngert KuzychLemberg: Cosmopolitan Crownland Capital of the Austrian EmpirePostal History
UKPaul Latham-WardePostal ForgeriesTraditional
UKThomas LeraThe G.H. Kaestlin Collection of Imperial Russian and Zemstvo stampsLiterature
UKThomas LeraConfederate States Nitre and Mining BureauPostal History
UKColin LewisThe Postal History of Newfoundland 1825 to 1875Postal History
UKGeoffrey LewisThe 1836 Anglo-French Postal ConventionLiterature
UKMichael LocktonExeter Postal historyPostal History
UKFrank MarshallSarawak The Life and Times of Ha Buey Hon 1871-1947Open
UKSimon Martin-RedmanSarawak 1858-1898 The First Forty YearsTraditional
UKAlexander McCullochNew Zealand Definitives 1954-1960Traditional
UKJohn McEntyre1930 Canadian Weights and Measures Revenue IssueRevenue
UKClaire MitchellWhat is a Church?Youth 7B
UKLynne MitchellA Helping HandYouth 7B
UKPeter MotsonE.R. Krippner - From Saxony to San FranciscoTraditional
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Rules of the Competitions

The LONDON 2015 competitions will take place in accordance with international rules approved by FEPA.


To download the IREX regulations for LONDON 2015 CLICK HERE.


Inventory Form for Exhibitors

The Inventory Form which you can download here => Inventory Form

Please note, this form should be completed and given to their commissioner when handing in your exhibits.


Exhibitors qualify for Privilege Passes

We thank all our exhibitors for helping us to put together such a wonderful show by putting their exhibits into the competitions.

To say ‘thank you’, we will give each of  our exhibitors a ‘Privilege Pass’ which will entitle them to come into the exhibition hall at 9.00am on each morning of the show (an hour ahead of the Opening Time). It will also entitle them to free access on the first day.

Exhibitors can pick up their Privilege Passes at the Hospitality Desk at the top of the escalator on 13 May, and at the Information stand on other days when the show is open.


Medals and Awards

As LONDON 2015 EUROPHILEX will be celebrating the 175th anniversary of the first postage stamps, the medals awarded to competitors will feature the Queen Victoria head design on the Wyon medal of 1837 which was the inspiration for the Queen’s head on the UK postage stamps issued in 1840.


FEPA Consultant

Mr Giancarlo Morelli is  FEPA’s consultant to LONDON 2015 EUROPHILEX. He can be contacted at