The Grand Prix winning exhibits were as follows:

James Peter Gough, ‘The UPU and Its Impact on Global Postal Services’

Alan Holyoake, ‘Secured Delivery Leading to the Introduction of UK Registration of Internal, External and Transit Mail 1450-1852

The Best in Class winning exhibits were as follows:

Traditional Class: Joseph Hackmey, ‘Classic Switzerland
Postal History Class: James Peter Gough, ‘The UPU and Its Impact on Global Postal Services
Postal Stationery Class: Henrik Mouritsen, ‘The Classic Postal Stationery of Denmark 1865-1905
Aerophilately Class: Jean-Claude Vasseur, ‘Newfoundland Airmail
Revenue Philately Class: Andy Taylor, ‘The Austrian Newspaper tax
Open Philately Class: Birthe King, ‘Denmark: Conscience, Conflict and Camps 1932-1949
Youth Philately: Hanna Pilipovich, ‘On the 100th Anniversary of the Romanov Series
Thematic Philately: Damian Laege, ‘Fascinated in Feathers
Philatelic Literature: Luis Frazao, Portuguese Pre-stamp Period Postmarks, Volume 2


The jury results from the exhibition at the London 2015 Europhilex are now available and are listed below.

You can view and download the pdf of the results by clicking here.


ExhibitorExhibit TitleClassPointsAwardCountry Name
Abdulmughni, KhaledKuwait Postal History - Indian Era 1902-1949Postal History90GoldUnited Kingdom
Abdulmughni, KhaledBeginning of Postal Services in Kuwait (1896-1923)Literature85Large VermeilUnited Kingdom
Abensur, BrigitteLes petites Postes de FrancePostal History91GoldFrance
Aitchison, JonGuernsey Adhesive Revenue StampsRevenue87Large VermeilUnited Kingdom
Aitchison, JonIsle of Man Before Postal IndependenceOpen86Large VermeilUnited Kingdom
Akrap, JakovDie Stadte Meiner KindheitYouth66Silver BronzeCroatia
Albe, FelixLe Dimanche, Ordinaire ou Grand, Phenomene de SocieteThematic91GoldFrance
Alexander, ShaulaTurkish post in the Holy Land 1841 Ð 1918Postal History92GoldIsrael
Al-Saif, WaleedKuwait Post Office 1915-1958 & Kuwait Post Office 1915-1964Traditional86Large VermeilUnited Kingdom
Andersson, BoSuez-Aden-Bombay Sea Post Office 1868-1914Postal History88Large VermeilDenmark
Audejean, AlainNatural SilkThematic86Large VermeilFrance
Auleytner, JulianBeginnings of the Post in Independent Poland 1918-20Postal History92GoldPoland
Auleytner, JulianBeginnings of the Polish Post in Pomerania 1920Literature86Large VermeilPoland
Aveyard, PeterDie II Alphabet III 1855-1864Traditional87Large VermeilUnited Kingdom
Bakker, SybrandVictoria wrappers for newspapers ... issued and used 1869-1912Stationery83VermeilNetherlands
Balimann, GiovanniCancelling machines in SwitzerlandPostal History83VermeilSwitzerland
Banas, ArturThe most popular winter sport - Alpine SkiingThematic76Large SilverHungary
Banfield, ColinCanadian Postal Stationery Cards of the Victorian PeriodStationery82VermeilUnited Kingdom
Barak, IzhakThe Development of Aviation and Transportation of Mail by Air until 1914Thematic87Large VermeilIsrael
Barreiros, LuisPortugal & Colonies pre-stamp periodPostal History96Large GoldPortugal
Barreras Barreras, JosŽ AlbertoAntillas ColonialPostal History92GoldSpain
Barth, JohnnyCape of Good Hope, The Prephilatelic Period (1652-1853)Postal History92GoldDenmark
Bauer, WolfgangDestinations and Combination Frankings Large Heads of Greece 1828Ð1875Postal History93GoldGermany
Baurecht, GŸnterInneršsterreichische Postkurs und inneršsterreichische Postamt in VenedigPostal History90GoldAustria
Beck, PatrickUtilisation et Žvolution des marques d'arrivŽe avant 1830 en Maine et LoirePostal History78Large SilverFrance
Beer, PeterNorth Atlantic Catapult Flights 1928-35Aero88Large VermeilSwitzerland
Berg, JanPrivate Ship Letter Stamp Issuing Companies; up to 1900Traditional91GoldSweden
Bergamini, AdrianoPostal relations between the Ticino (Switzerland) É before UPUPostal History96Large GoldSwitzerland
Bergman, LeifThe Office for Post Box Letters in Stockholm 1855-1862Postal History88Large VermeilSweden
Bernhardt, FriedhelmPostal History of Swedish Pomerania 1648-1815Postal History93GoldSweden
Bettarini, PaoloHistory of the civil aircraft until 1940Thematic81VermeilItaly
Biland_i_, BranimirCroatian Joint IssuesYouth62BronzeCroatia
Biland_i_, TihomirSHS Issue 29 October 1918 from Idea to UsageTraditional78Large SilverCroatia
Bister, MichaelThe Postcode Programmes of France - Experimental Years: 1962-1977Postal History87Large VermeilUnited Kingdom
Bodin, RichardSwedes in Active Service in Finland 1918-1919Postal History90GoldSweden
Boettger, LarsThe Great War and its postal consequences for Luxembourg, 1914-1919Postal History85Large VermeilLuxembourg
Boettger, LarsHandbuch zur Besetzung von Luxemburg im 1. Weltkrieg 1914 Ð 1918Literature83VermeilLuxembourg
Bolsoe, TomasSome companies which first used Perfins in DenmarkTraditional76Large SilverNorway
Bommarito, CarolTransatlantic Treaty Mail from Great Britain to the U.S. 1849-1867Postal History85Large VermeilUnited Kingdom
Bonnicci, AlfredMessageries Imperiales handstamps of their ships and P&O mail 1853-66Postal History85Large VermeilUnited Kingdom
Bonroy, Jan20 Centimes Blue Leopold I - a study of the paperLiterature72SilverBelgium
Booth, GrahamSpoon Cancellations of Great BritainPostal History90GoldUnited Kingdom
Bornmann, JohannesNepal, Classic Postal Stationery (1887Ð1959)Stationery88Large VermeilGermany
Boros, LaszloWunderwelt der StrahlenThematic76Large SilverGermany
Borukhovych, PetroUkraine, 1918: the trident overprints on stamps of the Russian EmpireTraditional91GoldUkraine
Boureanu, OanaRomania - proofs, dummy, essaysTraditional88Large VermeilRomania
Boyer, JoyceAustrian Air Mails 1918-1938Aero85Large VermeilUnited Kingdom
Bra_i_, BojanPostmarks of Post Office Ptuj 1818-1945Postal History76Large SilverSlovenia
Bridges, EddieThe 1d Ship Value of the Union of South AfricaTraditional88Large VermeilUnited Kingdom
Briese, JŸrgenEarly Postal History of BelgiumPostal History90GoldGermany
Briggs, DeaneFlorida Confederate Postal HistoryPostal History92GoldUnited Kingdom
Broekmans, HugoThe Rural Post in Belgium (16th Cent.-1895)Postal History88Large VermeilBelgium
Brunke, UlrichThe Post Office of WolfenbŸttel (Duchy of Brunswick)Postal History86Large VermeilGermany
Bruno, MassimilianoFootballers of the World play for a CupThematic88Large VermeilItaly
Brzozowski, Bronis_awThe Vilnius Directorate of Posts and Telegraphs between 1919 and 1939Literature77Large SilverPoland
Bulegato, MaurizioGothicThematic83VermeilItaly
Callan, BrianGraf Zeppelin D-LZ127 South America Airmail 1930-1939Aero87Large VermeilIreland
Campbell-Smith, DuncanMasters of the PostLiterature85Large VermeilUnited Kingdom
Cangelaris, PanayotisThe Mafeking blues 1900Traditional75Large SilverGreece
Caprasse, HubertThe Belgian Coil stamps (1953-1973)Traditional88Large VermeilBelgium
Caprasse, HubertLes rouleaux ˆ l'effigie du Roi Baudouin 1er type MarchandLiterature85Large VermeilBelgium
Carli, CorradoGenoa and its MailPostal History85Large VermeilItaly
Casey, PatrickVictoria Regina Ð her life, times and legacyOpen83VermeilIreland
Central Museum of CommunicationCollections reflect history - 100th anniversary of Romanovs stamp issueLiterature77Large SilverRussian Federation
Cep, IgorThe Olympic cycleThematic75Large SilverSlovenia
Chadwick, PeterHandstruck Marks of the Uniform Penny Post of Great BritainPostal History86Large VermeilUnited Kingdom
Chou Ming FuLes courriers du MandchoukouoPostal History86Large VermeilFrance
Christou, AkisCanada: The Silver Jubilee of King George V-1935Traditional83VermeilCyprus
Chudesova, GalinaPetersburg in maximaphily & The Romanovs and Saint-PetersburgLiterature70SilverRussian Federation
Cooksey, ChristopherMining Documents of the British South Africa CompanyRevenue86Large VermeilUnited Kingdom
Corinphila Auktionen AGEdition DÕOr vol XLII: Belgian Medallions 1849-1866 Ð Patrick MaselisLiterature82VermeilGermany
Corinphila Auktionen AGEdition DÕOr vol XXII: Cape of Good Hope - Joseph HackmeyLiterature82VermeilGermany
Corinphila Auktionen AGEdition DÕOr vol XX: Classic India and Scinde 1600-1858 - Jochen HeddergottLiterature82VermeilGermany
Cosh, GrahamGerman aerophilately 1888-1938Aero87Large VermeilPortugal
Cousins, BarryIreland's Permanent Definitive Stamps and Essays 1922-1937Literature84VermeilIreland
Croatian Philatelic FederationHrvatska filatelija 2014Literature75Large SilverCroatia
Csicsay, PŽterPostmasters' receipts from northern HungaryPostal History76Large SilverSlovakia
Cucchiani, GiovanniThe siege of MafekingTraditional75Large SilverItaly
Cusworth, MartinThe 1893-1901 Telegraph Stamps of Chile and their Postal UseTraditional85Large VermeilUnited Kingdom
Czechoslovak Philatelic Society of GBCzechout 2014Literature80VermeilUnited Kingdom
Dahl, JohnPortuguese Nyassa Company 1901-1911 King Carlos 1 issueTraditional82VermeilUnited Kingdom
Dashti, EssaCoronation Stamps of Queen Elizabeth II 1953 by Essa DastiLiterature75Large SilverUnited Kingdom
Daun, Lennart1890 until 1942 - The second period of Postal Stationery in SwedenStationery91GoldSweden
Davi, Jean PaulMilitary Franchise Stamps from FranceTraditional78Large SilverFrance
Davies, JohnA Jubilee ReminiscenceOpen95Large GoldUnited Kingdom
de Quesada, EugenioEl correo certificado y el Alfonsillo 1879-1889Postal History82VermeilSpain
de Russis, TommasoLa Puglia nella filateliaLiterature71SilverItaly
de Russis, TommasoUn breve viaggio nel mondo della filateliaLiterature70SilverItaly
de Swaef, RolandLa Monarchie Belge, hŽritaire et parlementaireOpen87Large VermeilBelgium
De Zanchi, Gabriella"Puer Natus Est Nobis"Thematic80VermeilItaly
DehŽ, JohnA City Wall of WaterThematic90GoldNetherlands
Diamond, DerekThe 1898 Pictorial Issue of New ZealandLiterature88Large VermeilUnited Kingdom
Diffen, GaryThe Australian Military Campaign at GallipoliOpen90GoldUnited Kingdom
Divok, Franti_ekThe postal service in the Spi_ by 1920Postal History80VermeilSlovakia
Dixon, RexPostal Rates & Services of Germany December 1923 to May 1945Postal History91GoldUnited Kingdom
Domnech, JosŽ VicenteCat‡logo de Vi–etas Republicanas de la Guerra CivilLiterature90GoldSpain
Donadeo, DavidMail to coffee housesPostal History85Large VermeilItaly
Doria, Carlo"The victory will be ours"Thematic87Large VermeilItaly
Douwstra, SijtzeMillions of years of nature encapsulated in stoneThematic81VermeilNetherlands
Droemont, WilmaDŽpartements conquis 1792Ð1815Postal History85Large VermeilGermany
Dzemiadziuk, NadzeyaThe birds of Oltush's lake and its surroundingsYouth76Large SilverBelarus
Eckel, TorstenAlbrecht DŸrer - Unternehmer der RenaissanceThematic90GoldGermany
Eckert, SteffenStempelgesetze und GebŸhren in Sachsen von 1682 bis 1952Literature88Large VermeilGermany
Ecklebe, DietrichBriefmarken und Bildung: UNESCO Welterbe in DeutschlandLiterature68Silver BronzeGermany
Elshamy, YasserEgypt airmail postal history 1926-1939Aero80VermeilEgypt
Emanuil, SavoiuRomanian postal stationery to 1918Stationery90GoldRomania
Erfmann, WillemPostal History of Surinam 1650-1975 Volumes 1&2Literature90GoldNetherlands
Etherington, Jim1940: A Desperate Year for BritainThematic89Large VermeilUnited Kingdom
Eyth—rsson, SigtryggurIcelandic Postal Stationary 1879-1920Stationery90GoldIceland
Facit Fšrlags ABFacit 2015 SpecialLiterature85Large VermeilSweden
Fanchini, LouisFabrication and postal usage of the Large Hermes Heads, Paris printingsTraditional95Large GoldFrance
Feldman, HughThe First Four Decades of U.S. Rail Road Mail ContractsPostal History93GoldUnited Kingdom
Fencl, PetrBiography of the First Woman in SpaceThematic83VermeilCzech Republic
Ferant, VencelLads, LetÕs Grab a Pint!Open90GoldSlovenia
Filbrandt, Hans-JoachimPostal Automation in North German Confederation & Germany to 1923Postal History78Large SilverGermany
Findenig, PetraThe Malayan TigerYouth74SilverAustria
Fink, PeterAerogramme World TourYouth64BronzeSwitzerland
Fink, RogerAerogramme vom englischen WeltreichYouth67Silver BronzeSwitzerland
Fisher, LawrenceThe Jewish HomelandThematic92GoldIsrael
Fock, Mihael I.The Grey Goose WingThematic68Silver BronzeSlovenia
Forestier, GeraldineRelationship between bees and menThematic83VermeilFrance
Fossmark, AtleFaroe Islands postal conditions during WWIIPostal History85Large VermeilNorway
Frank, JoachimThe Canadian Participation in the South African war 1899-1902Postal History85Large VermeilUnited Kingdom
Fraz‹o, Lu’sPortuguese Pre-stamp Period Postmarks Volume 2Literature96Large GoldPortugal
Fraz‹o, Lu’sThe first postal stationery issue of Portuguese ColoniesStationery90GoldPortugal
Frenkel, DmytroAirmail stamps RSFSR and USSR 1923-1940Traditional93GoldUkraine
Fritz, RŸdigerDas olympische ComebackThematic84VermeilGermany
Fuchs, WilfriedDie Erfolgsgeschichte des Weins - von der Rebe zum GenussThematic85Large VermeilGermany
Fuchs, WilfriedDer Fuchs und seine wechselvolle Beziehung zu den MenschenThematic88Large VermeilGermany
Galar—n Calvo, AndrŽsWeekly Philatelic Items in the Diario de Burgos 2012-15Literature63BronzeSpain
Galibov, Ze'evBritish Army Post Offices, the SZ Postmarks 1915-1920Postal History86Large VermeilUnited Kingdom
Galland, RobertThe First Low Value Surface Printed Postage Stamps of Great BritainTraditional97Large GoldUnited Kingdom
Galveias, FranciscoOs Bombeiros na Filatelia Portuguesa (Firefighters in Portuguese Philately)Literature68Silver BronzePortugal
Geisselbrecht, OttoPolnische Postwertzeichen 1944Ð1947 (Polish Postage Stamps 1944Ð1947)Traditional85Large VermeilGermany
Gerritsen, RenŽCape of Good Hope Seated Hope rectangular 1864-1898Traditional85Large VermeilNetherlands
Gimjani, MuharemPostal History of Kingdom of Albania 1928-1939Postal History76Large SilverAlbania
Giudici, FerdinandoSouvenir de sige de Paris 1870-71Aero91GoldItaly
Glassman, LesPre-Philatelic postal history of JerusalemPostal History73SilverIsrael
Godfrey, JohnFinland Airmails 1920-1946Aero88Large VermeilFinland
Goodman, MichaelStamp LoverLiterature73SilverUnited Kingdom
Gough, James PeterThe UPU and Its Impact on Global Postal ServicesPostal History97Large GoldUnited Kingdom
Grande, ClaudioThe University of Pisa and ist HistoryThematic83VermeilItaly
Granzow, Gary W.Line Engraved Security Printing: the Methods of Perkins Bacon 1790-1935Literature88Large VermeilUnited Kingdom
Groeneveld, JeffreyThe four Dutch Queens, their duty and servitude to the NetherlandsThematic90GoldNetherlands
Gronquist, SofiaToys and GamesThematic85Large VermeilSweden
Gruszczy_ski, JerzyBajonczycy the Polish Company in the French Foreign Legion 1914-1915Literature79Large SilverPoland
Guglielminetti, PaoloThe unfinnished Network - History of the African RailwaysThematic93GoldItaly
Guhl, KlausGreetings fromÉ United Nations Personalized Stamps 2003-2013Literature70SilverGermany
Gœstafsson, çrniIcelandic Shipmail Transiting Ports Of Call And Paquebot MarksPostal History88Large VermeilIceland
Hackmey, JosephClassic SwitzerlandTraditional97Large GoldUnited Kingdom
Hadida, MauriceMorocco postal history (1852-1925)Postal History83VermeilFrance
Hamberg, ErikSweden: Circle Type Mail 1877-1886Postal History85Large VermeilSweden
Hamilton-Bowen, RoyHiberian CatalogueLiterature85Large VermeilUnited Kingdom
Hanacek, GerhardTheresienstadt 1941-1945Postal History73SilverAustria
Hayward, JohnThe Iron SteedThematic90GoldUnited Kingdom
Heck, PeterThe Netherlands - Postmarks, from the Beginning up to 1813-14Postal History95Large GoldGermany
Hederstierna, ClaesCorrientes 1856-1882Traditional77Large SilverSweden
Heijtz, StefanSt. Helena Postal History 1677-1903Postal History95Large GoldSweden
Heijtz, StefanSpecialised Stamp Catalogue of the Falkland Islands & DependenciesLiterature87Large VermeilSweden
Heino, RainoWeather, from observations to forecastsThematic93GoldFinland
Heinrich Koehler AuktionshausEdition DÕOr vol XLIII: Prussia Ð Rolf Dieter JaretzkyLiterature82VermeilGermany
Heinrich Koehler AuktionshausEdition DÕOr vol XLI: Sleswig Ð 1625 to 1920 Ð Christopher KingLiterature82VermeilGermany
Helling, N.F.The motorcycle, nostalgia and useThematic88Large VermeilNetherlands
Hellrigl, WolfgangThe Postal History of Mongolia 1841-1941Literature95Large GoldUnited Kingdom
Herrˆiz, Jos AntonioMonarchy, A Form of StateThematic86Large VermeilSpain
Herrmann, DanielL'Olympisme, La Bataille Perptuelle des RnovateursThematic81VermeilFrance
Hoffman, ColinRhodesia Arms Issues 1890-1909Traditional78Large SilverUnited Kingdom
Holyoake, AlanSecured Delivery Leading to Introduction of UK Registration ... 1450-1852Postal History97Large GoldUnited Kingdom
Holyoake, AlanThe World's First Postage StampLiterature85Large VermeilUnited Kingdom
Homonnay, GŽzaFirst issues of the worldPostal History81VermeilHungary
Horin, HorstEmpire - Mexico 1864-1867Traditional83VermeilAustria
H¿rlyck, PeterNigeria Postal StationeryStationery88Large VermeilDenmark
Horsey, JohnThe £5 OrangeTraditional84VermeilUnited Kingdom
Horton, GrahamGreat Britain: Edward VII Essays and ProofsTraditional92GoldUnited Kingdom
Huggins & KlempkaGreat Britain: The 1840 Prepaid Parliamentary EnvelopesLiterature85Large VermeilUnited Kingdom
Huhnen, ErnstRunning Jumping Throwing - 3000 Years of AthleticsThematic90GoldGermany
Humfrey, MarkThe Globalisation of VanillaThematic76Large SilverUnited Kingdom
Hurst, BrianThe Bechuanalands: Overprints on _d Cape of Good Hope StampTraditional85Large VermeilUnited Kingdom
Hurst, BrianThe Bechuanalands: The Queen Victoria _d Vermilion Stamp of GBTraditional83VermeilUnited Kingdom
Huys, JanBelgium: the Epaulettes and the 40c imperforate Medallions of 1849-61Traditional97Large GoldLiechtenstein
Ieko, PhilippeL'impressionism, A major step in paintingThematic88Large VermeilBelgium
Ivanova, OlgaThe World of Stamps and Coins - MagazineLiterature68Silver BronzeRussian Federation
Jakab, Andr‡sSelbstŠndige ungarische Postverwaltung bis zur GrŸndung UPU 1867-1875Postal History88Large VermeilHungary
Jaretzky, Rolf-DieterPeruTraditional96Large GoldGermany
J—hannesson, HjaltiIcelandic cancellation of Antiqua and Lapidar typesPostal History81VermeilIceland
J¿rgensen, J¿rgenDanish Mail to Foreign Destinations 1854-74Postal History96Large GoldDenmark
J¿rgensen, LarsZAR - Transvaal - ZAR (1869-1885)Traditional95Large GoldBelgium
Jurkovi_, MartinPostal History of Carpatho-Ukraine 1876-1945Postal History80VermeilSlovakia
KŠlin, SylviaIch liebe HŸhnerviehThematic85Large VermeilSwitzerland
Kamps, ReinhardPrincipality of Liechtenstein: Use of Postage Due Stamps up to 1928Traditional78Large SilverGermany
Karanikolas, NikolaosInselpost - German military postal service of Aegean Islands in 1944-45Postal History90GoldGreece
Karpovsky, ItamarForeign Post Offices in Palestine 1850 Ð 1914Postal History88Large VermeilIsrael
Katsman, VitaliyZemstvo stamps of Kharkov province 1868-1918Traditional92GoldUkraine
Katsman, VitaliyZemstvoÊpost ofÊKharkov province. 1868-1918Literature83VermeilUkraine
Kauppinen, JuhaEthiopian Postal History to 1936Postal History90GoldFinland
Kauthen, PierreThe Postes Relais Cancellations of LuxembourgPostal History74SilverLuxembourg
Keller, ChristianCourrier SudAero88Large VermeilSwitzerland
Kennerknecht, Hanns MichaelFeuerwehr "Ohne uns wird`s brenzlig"Thematic77Large SilverGermany
Khalastchy, AlfredBritish Occupation and Mandate Issues for Iraq 1918-1932Traditional90GoldUnited Kingdom
King, BirtheDenmark: Conscience, Conflict, and Camps 1932-1949Open96Large GoldUnited Kingdom
King, Chris & BirtheDenmark and the Second World War 1939-1949 - Overseas MailPostal History87Large VermeilUnited Kingdom
Klugman, KeithClassic Victorian NatalTraditional91GoldUnited Kingdom
Knapp, ArnimPostal Stationery of the Kingdom of SaxonyStationery93GoldGermany
Knapp, ArnimBulletins of the Study Group SaxonyLiterature83VermeilGermany
Komnaes, TomThe postal history of Norwegian skilling coversPostal History95Large GoldNorway
Kopats, ViktarEstland 1792-1941 (Estonia)Traditional70SilverBelarus
Kosmala, JacekAerial Formations of General Haller 'Blue' Army and É Poland 1917-1923Postal History85Large VermeilPoland
Koutsikas, EvangelosHellenic Administration of DedeaghatchTraditional80VermeilGreece
Kramer, GeorgeThe Butterfield Overland MailPostal History94GoldUnited Kingdom
Krau§, KarlfriedPrussia as the Main Link of the Russian-Polish Mail with the WestPostal History95Large GoldGermany
Kunik, VladzimirHistory of mail of Russia during an epoch/ Reigns of a sort of RomanovsLiterature76Large SilverBelarus
Kuzych, IngertLemberg: Cosmopolitan Crownland Capital of the Austrian EmpirePostal History86Large VermeilUnited Kingdom
Kwoka, StanislawPolish commemorative dated postmarks 2002-2003Literature70SilverPoland
Laakso, Seija-RiittaMerkillisiŠ tapahtumia - Collector EventsLiterature78Large SilverFinland
LŠge, DamianFascinated in Feathers - how birds inspire peopleThematic98Large GoldGermany
Lambert, MichelHistore Postale de Le BrulyPostal History83VermeilBelgium
Latham-Ward, PaulPostal ForgeriesTraditional70SilverUnited Kingdom
Lavagnino, LucaLe bureau de poste aux lettres de Coni pendant l'administration franaisePostal History80VermeilItaly
Leccese, GiorgioFrance unadopted proofs and essaysLiterature78Large SilverItaly
Leccese, GiorgioMonaco unadopted proofs and essaysLiterature76Large SilverItaly
Lee, LindaFlower MagicThematic90GoldUnited Kingdom
Leibu, EddieRomania: outbound mail, from the Crimean War to the UPUPostal History90GoldIsrael
Lera, ThomasThe G.H. Kaestlin Collection of Imperial Russian and Zemstvo stampsLiterature83VermeilUnited Kingdom
Lera, ThomasConfederate States Nitre and Mining BureauPostal History81VermeilUnited Kingdom
Lewis, ColinThe Postal History of Newfoundland 1825 to 1875Postal History86Large VermeilUnited Kingdom
Lewis, GeoffreyThe 1836 Anglo-French Postal ConventionLiterature93GoldUnited Kingdom
Lienert, OtmarDie Systematik der Internationalen AntwortscheineStationery93GoldSwitzerland
Limmen-Stegemeyer, E.M.A.Illuminated guards on the coastThematic86Large VermeilNetherlands
Lind, ArminMoney- and Value-Letters in AustriaPostal History86Large VermeilAustria
Lindner, Franz-KarlMail of the Blind - CŽcogrammesPostal History77Large SilverGermany
Lochon, BernardJaponaises en franchise militaire pendant la guerre Russo-JaponaisePostal History85Large VermeilFrance
Lockton, MichaelExeter Postal historyPostal History90GoldUnited Kingdom
Lombardo, FrancescoSicily 1859-60. Prepaid letter mail from SicilyPostal History97Large GoldItaly
Lubianiker, YoramChess: The Game of WarThematic85Large VermeilIsrael
Lund, EivindMaritime mail from the coastal town Guayaquil in the period 1780 - 1865Postal History90GoldNorway
Maassen & SchouberechtsMilestones of Philatelic Literature in the 19th CenturyLiterature95Large GoldGermany
Maassen, WolfgangHeinrich Kšhler und seine Nachfolger (Heinrich Kšhler and his Successors)Literature86Large VermeilGermany
Maassen, WolfgangThe Philatelic JournalistLiterature82VermeilGermany
Maassen, WolfgangPhilatelieLiterature80VermeilGermany
MafittPhilatelica 2011-2014Literature77Large SilverHungary
Maitin, BalramU.N.R.R.A in War and PeaceThematic82VermeilGermany
Majander, JariYour Cuppa Tea - The History, Culture and Business of TeaOpen90GoldFinland
Mandrovskaya, MarinaTurkestan 1868-1917Postal History85Large VermeilRussian Federation
Marchot, GuyLettres des internŽs du Camp des Milles 1939-1942Literature78Large SilverFrance
Marion, RobertMauritius Postal History 1774-1833Postal History88Large VermeilFrance
MARKASigns of postal payment, Zemstvo, Venden 1866-1919 ... Vols 1 & 2Literature91GoldRussian Federation
MARKACatalogue of ... the Grand Duchy of Finland, the Tuvan Republic. Vols 1 & 2Literature85Large VermeilRussian Federation
MARKAPhilately 2014. MagazineLiterature80VermeilRussian Federation
Markac, MarcoFrom Grain to BreadThematic76Large SilverSlovenia
Marley, LesleyA Whale`s TaleThematic94GoldUnited Kingdom
Marshall, FrankSarawak The Life and Times of Ha Buey Hon 1871-1947Open87Large VermeilUnited Kingdom
Martin-Redman, SimonSarawak 1858-1898 The First Forty YearsTraditional95Large GoldUnited Kingdom
Maselis, PatrickThe Medallion Issue of Belgium (1849-1863)Traditional97Large GoldBelgium
Mathˆ, ThomasInternational letter mail crossing the Italian peninsula 1815-1852Postal History93GoldItaly
Mathiassen, Henning JarleLonger, higher, faster - success, trouble and disasterOpen92GoldNorway
McCulloch, AlexanderNew Zealand Definitives 1954-1960Traditional77Large SilverUnited Kingdom
McEntyre, John1930 Canadian Weights and Measures Revenue IssueRevenue85Large VermeilUnited Kingdom
Mellaart, AlanOttoman Empire Postal History of Greece 1840-1912Postal History82VermeilTurkey
Mentaschi, MarioLetter mail of old Italian states beyond France and Austria, 1850-1870Postal History96Large GoldItaly
Menze, XaverDas Fahnen und Flaggenwesen - eine WeltspracheThematic87Large VermeilGermany
Merlak, MirkoPostal History of Dalmatia 1919-1921Traditional63BronzeCroatia
Merone, MarioThe Kingdom of NaplesTraditional88Large VermeilItaly
Meyer, FriedrichBremen MailPostal History95Large GoldGermany
Miguel Mart’nez, AlfredoDemonetized stamps in Spain before 1879Postal History82VermeilSpain
Miguel Mart’nez, AlfredoSpain. Los signos externos de la correspondenciaPostal History74SilverSpain
Mimberg, HeinrichThurn und Taxis-Mitteilungen [Bulletin of the Thurn and Taxis Study Group]Literature81VermeilGermany
Miralles, TerezaNurse to care, to teach and to confortThematic85Large VermeilSpain
Mitchell, ClaireWhat is a Church?Youth73SilverUnited Kingdom
Mitchell, LynneA Helping HandYouth74SilverUnited Kingdom
Mokhtar, TarekShibin El-Kom Postmarks 1870-1922Postal History80VermeilEgypt
Morice, LilianeLa vie de PasteurOpen88Large VermeilFrance
Motson, PeterE.R. Krippner - From Saxony to San FranciscoPostal History80VermeilUnited Kingdom
Mouritsen, HenrikThe Classic Postal Stationery of Denmark 1865-1905Stationery96Large GoldDenmark
Muller, RogerThe Swiss AirmailAero90GoldSwitzerland
MŸller, WolfgangGeld hat eine Adresse - SparkasseThematic87Large VermeilGermany
Murtosaari, JussiFinland, coat of arms, type 1875Traditional95Large GoldFinland
Nadal, MarcelMarseille: Marques d'EntrŽes Maritimes des origines ‡ la fin du XIXe SiclePostal History86Large VermeilFrance
Nagapetiants, RafaelPostal history of ArmeniaPostal History92GoldRussian Federation
Neimark, HenriMail from French Internment Camps WWIIPostal History87Large VermeilFrance
Nordberg, RolandCosta Rica, from 1800 to the 1889 Correos Overprint IssueTraditional88Large VermeilSweden
Novakovi_, DamirSurface Postal Rates of the Free Territory of Trieste - Zone BPostal History81VermeilCroatia
Nuyts, RenaatThe silver screenThematic91GoldBelgium
Obukhov, YuriZemstvo stamps of Perm Governorate (1871-1919)Traditional93GoldRussian Federation
Okni_ski, RomanFirst issue in POW camp Woldenberg II C of Widow and the Postman 1942Traditional78Large SilverPoland
…sterdahl, Bengt-GšranThe History of ChemistryThematic92GoldSweden
Overgaard, Knud RaskChess - War on 64 SquaresThematic85Large VermeilDenmark
Ozbek, AliThe Duloz Issues of the Ottoman EmpireTraditional90GoldTurkey
Oztuncay, BahattinOttoman Field Post Offices during World War IPostal History91GoldTurkey
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