Europhilex Blue

Royal Patron:   Her Majesty The Queen


Jon Aitchison FRPSL

Brian L. Asquith

Philip Beale

Richard Berry

Brian J. Birch

Chev. Dr. Alfred Bonnici

Graham Booth

A. J. Bosworth FRPSL

Brian Brookes


Peter Cockburn

Ian D. Crane

Martyn Cusworth

Martin Davies FRPSL

Rex Dixon

Lars Engelbrecht

M. G. Farrant

Hugh V. Feldman, FRPSL

Maurice Flack

Richard Foden

Chris George

Nigel Gooch FRPSL

Jonas Hällström, FRPSL

Mr. And Mrs. C. G. Harman

Bill and Rae Hedley

Colin Hoffman

Graham Horton

Alan K Huggins

Howard R. Hughes

Richard Johnson

Jorgen Jorgensen, FRPSL

Freddy Khalastchy

Khayder Khayretdinov

Francis Kiddle

Charles Kiddle

Chris and Birthe King

The Earl of Kinnoull FRPSL

Paul Latham-Warde

John Lea

Bernard Lucas, FRPSL, FSPH

Simon Martin-Redman

Patrick Maselis

Margaret Morris

Ben Palmer, FRPSL

Nigel Peace

A. T. Pinder

Christopher Podger

James Podger

Des Quail

Malcolm Ray-Smith

Michael J. Roberts

John Sacher, CBE, FRPSL

Stephen Schumann, FRPSL

Michael Sefi

Académie Européenne de Philatélie (AEP)

Brian Sole, FRPSL

Spink & Son Ltd

Prof. D. R. Stirrups

Georg Størmer

John Sussex RDP FRPSL

David Tett, FRPSL

Brian Trotter

Jussi Tuori RDP FRPSL

Turhan Turgut

Dr. Rod Unwin, FRPSL

Johnny Van Haeften

Mr and Mrs R Viney

Frank Walton

Professor John C. West, CBE, RDP

Richard and Yvonne Wheatley

Dr. A. C. B. Wicks

Robert G. Wightman, Switzerland

Peter Wood

W. A. Wood

 The Organisers thank them sincerely for their contributions.

Patrons qualify for Privilege Passes

We are very grateful to our Patrons for their support and, as a ‘thank-you’, they are entitled to a Privilege Pass. This entitles each Patron to enter the show at 09.00 each morning (an hour before it opens) and to free entry on the first day.

Patrons can collect their Privilege Passes at the Hospitality Desk at the top of the escalator on the first day, and at the Information Stand on other days.


Becoming a Patron

You can become a Patron of LONDON 2015 by donating £250. Your valuable contribution will  go towards the costs of running the show and will be greatly appreciated.

As a member of the Patrons’ Club your name will be  published in the exhibition catalogue and you will receive a free copy of the catalogue at the show.

You will also be eligible for free entry on the first day and you will receive a special limited edition exhibition cover, exclusive to Patrons’ Club members.

If you need any advice or assistance, please contact Jon Aitchison (Patrons’ Liaison Officer) or Deborahh Gooch. They can be contacted by e-mail at or by telephone on 00 44 (0)1892 613176