Visiting london: what are the 5 best thing to do in London

The City of London is a city laden with history, culture and so much more. Just like all the other megacities in the world, London is also a top tourist destination. There are lots of things to do and places to visit. To guide you, here are the five best things to do in London.

Ride the London Eye

The London Eye is actually a historic monument. It was constructed to celebrate the millennium. However, it has since grown into something more fun. This is a giant Ferris wheel overlooking the city. It is now a mini amusement park, offering pod rides to individuals for a token. Individuals can either share a pod or book for a private one.

Another reason to visit the London Eye is its proximity to the London aquarium. The latter is adjacent to the London Eye. This aquarium boasts of seahorses, crocodiles and other sea creatures. It offers a good opportunity to relax after an eventful pod ride at the London Eye. If you are a fan of nature, you can as well skip the London Eye and settle for the aquarium.

Relax at the Hyde Park

London has elements for virtually every type of tourist. Another proof is the presence of the Hype Park. A holiday does not have to be all about activities for it to be a good holiday. Sometimes, relaxing, breathing in fresh air or going on a boat ride can be the perfect holiday. If you are one of such people who love to relax and enjoy nature, the Hyde Park is for you. You can simply relax at this park and enjoy the environment. Boat rides are also available at a price.

Climb the 0² Arena

The former millennium dome is one of the millennium buildings that are now areas for fun. O2 Arena is currently the host of top music events and numerous shows. If you are in luck, you can attend a show at this magnificent place. However, you can still climb the O2 Arena to the roof using guided walks. O2 Arena houses a theater, a cinema, bars and restaurants.

Shop at Oxford Street

If you love to buy things while on holiday, then look no further than Oxford Street. This is the perfect spot to shop till you drop. There are over 300 shops housing every major designer stores and international department stores. Shopping is not limited to clothing items. You can also shop for artistic works by varsity artists.

See Big Ben at Westminster

The Big Ben is a very famous landmark all over the world. People all over the world have either seen it in a movie or heard about its name. The Big Ben is located in Westminster. Most people often think that Big Ben is the clock itself. Big Ben is actually the bell located inside the iconic clock tower. However, it is the clock that is visible most times and not the giant bell. You only notice the bell because it chimes every hour.

Westminster is also home to the parliament of the United Kingdom. Westminster Abbey (the Collegiate Church of Saint Peter) is also located in Westminster and is open to the public. Tourists can also find statues of political figures like Nelson Mandela and Winston Churchill in Westminster.

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