Where to buy CBD in London?

The healing powers of CDB (cannabidiol) is well-known in several countries around the world today. It is known as a natural remedy for several ailments including body pains and insomnia. However, stores that sell the oil are not so common due to the strict regulation of cannabis (marijuana). Find out all you need to know about CBD and where you can get it.

What is CBD?

CBD is one of the numerous substances that are found in Cannabis. Cannabis Sativa Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the major psychoactive cannabinoid among hundreds found in cannabis and is responsible for causing the sensation of getting “high.” However, CBD is also present and is not in any psychoactive like THC. Instead, it has several natural healing features that make it useful to the human body,

Where can you buy CBD?

Contrary to popular opinion and beliefs, there are a good number of shops that sells CBD all year long in London. Also, you have an option of choosing to purchase from local stores, or simply placing an order online. They are both good avenues, and whichever one you opt for depends on your preferences.

Otherside Cannabinoid Dispensary

Otherside is one of the largest cannabinoid stores in London, with a reputation so big they claim to pioneer bringing CBD to the UK. The company also has a wide range of hemp extract products. This was created to give the best high-quality CBD products to customers. Also, their products are tested by third-party independent bodies.

Hemp Botanics

Hemp Botanics is one of the oldest in the CBD business in the UK. They have long supplied CBD to both UK and other countries with 100% high-quality oil and hemp-based products. Also, just like Otherside, their products have been tested and trusted by independent third parties.

Canna Club Shoreditch

Emerging from the heart of London, this store is relatively new as it was only opened in 2019. However, they have gained much popularity due to excellent customer services, delivery and high-quality products. They remain one of the best in the business.


LDN have a major goal to ensure more individuals can access the benefits of CBD oil and products. It was founded by two individuals who experienced such benefits first hand and were impressed by the results. Since 2018 when the first store was opened, LDN has grown to feature on papers like The Telegraph, and Vogue.

Mr Nice

This business drew inspiration from the adventures of cannabis activist, Howard Marks, and has grown ever since. They offer high-end CBD oil and products as well as other products too.

Other stores you can purchase CBD from are:

  • The Drug Store
  • Vape & Juice
  • GreenHouse CBD Specialist
  • Evapo
  • House of Vapes

All these stores offer in-store purchase and some with delivery.

How much does CBD cost?

The price of CBD varies from one store to another. However, it is expensive due to the cost of growing the raw material (cannabis) and other legal requirements. Generally, the oil cost anywhere between 25 and 30 or more for 30 mg. Also, the percentage of oil matters, as diluted products are less expensive than raw oil.

Where to Buy CBD online

Some stores listed earlier also offer online service with delivery options. Some top online CBD stores are:

  • CBD Dispensary Shop
  • Farmcbd
  • Justcbdstore
  • Lazycbd

With this list of online and physical stores, you can easily get your CBD oil whenever you want and enjoy its awesome health benefits.

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